Key Features of Wood Filler

Don't Replace Damaged Wood - Repair It

Wood fillers are specially designed to fill holes and repair imperfections in all kinds of wood. They can be drilled, sanded, shaped and painted just like real wood and most come in a choice of shades and sizes to help match the finish of any project.

When you repair wood using a filler, the piece of repaired wood becomes much stronger than the original undamaged wood. This is because, once it's dry, wood filler material is far more durable than natural timber.

Generally speaking there are two common types of wood filler: Ready mixed and two part, which has separate filler and chemical hardener components.

Naturally ready mixed fillers are easier to work with, however two part fillers often provide much better results. This is because they dry quicker and stronger, which makes them more suitable for exterior use. However if you're just making an occasional repair to indoor wood, a less expensive ready mixed wood filler should suffice.

Both types tend to come in a number of wood colours designed to make inconspicuous matching easier. Most wood fillers can be painted or stained so we recommend you always choose a colour to match your untreated wood, rather than your final finish.