Key Features of Grab Adhesives

Bond Different Building Materials Together and Fill Gaps

Grab adhesives are multi purpose glues that can be used alongside or instead of nails. They're a great choice for any kind of construction project because they are easy to use.

Most products typically offer a good level of instant grab strength and will quickly bond to almost any surface. So they can be relied upon as an alternative to expensive metal fixings.

These types of adhesive are especially helpful when you need to stick uneven surfaces together. This is thanks to their ability fill gaps, some products even offer good levels of flexibility. Plus most dry white or can be colour matched and over painted.

Generally speaking all grab adhesives can be used on indoor projects, with many also suitable for outdoor use. However different products can vary in their ability to instantly grasp heavier items together.

You should always consider what you're fixing and the bond strength of your product. This is because In certain conditions, the ability of any grab adhesive to deliver a strong bond can differ. So we recommend you check the features panel of each product, to learn more about its individual characteristics.