Hippo All Purpose Trade Wipes – Grab Bag


High performance wet wipes for anyone who needs an effective multi purpose cleaning solution.
Tough on filth and gentle on hands. This pack of wipes is great for mopping up muck, dirt and bacteria. Use them on building sites, at home, in the office, in a car or van and for leisure activities like cleaning your bicycle, boat or caravan.

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Quickly Removes Grime

Clean up gunk including oil, grease, uncured polyurethane foam, tar, bitumen, mastics, uncured silicone, adhesive residue and most types of wet paint.

Key Features

Clean & fresh fragrance

Made from high performance material

Excellent liquid absorbency

Includes anti bacterial agent

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High Performance Material

Longer Lasting

All Purpose wet wipes are long lasting because of their extra strong construction.

Made From Spun Lace

A manufacturing process known as spun lace is used. It employs jets of high pressure water to blend together a special selection of fibres. These produce a unique composite material that has superb tear resistance as well as 50% biodegradability.

Excellent Liquid Absorbency

No More Smearing

Hippo’s special blend of fibres make their wipes much better at being able to absorb liquids. Other kinds of wipe are often made using polyester or polypropylene fibres which are hydrophobic. This means that instead of being absorbent and able to soak up liquids, they simply repel them.

Anti Bacterial Agent

Effective Against Harmful Bacteria

As well as helping to cut though dirt and grime, the specially formulated cleaning agent is effective against harmful bacteria as well. This includes MRSA, E.COLI, Leptospira (Weils Desease), Salmonella, Staphylococcus and Listeria.

Safe For Use By Hand

To meet all the latest European safety standards Hippo wipes are tested dermatologically. Further more the cleaning agent contains Aloe Vera which helps nourish and moisturise the skin. This makes them safe to use by hand, without the need to wear gloves.


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40 Wipes, 100 Wipes


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