Hippo Carpet Protector


A strong, low slip covering that sticks to carpets for protection from spills, damage and wear. It’s non-porous which makes it ideal for use  during a variety of special occasions. Especially when you want to keep carpets looking their absolute best.

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All Purpose Protection

The transparent film is strong and non-porous. Which makes it perfect for inconspicuously protecting carpets in any location and during any occasion. Use it when decorating, during building work, children's playtime, BBQ's and house parties or to protect car interiors.

Easy To Use

It's quick and easy to protect large areas of carpet with this product. Just drop it in place and kick out the roll. The adhesive is on the outside of the roll and no special equipment is needed.

Key Features

For all types of carpet

Reverse wound for easy fitting

Fire retardant

Low slip

Can be left in place for up to 30 days

Instant clean removal with no adhesive residue

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Low Slip Surface

A Safe Alternative to Traditional Dust Sheets

This product is a superb alternative to traditional dust sheets. With loosely gathered edges and folds, dust sheets are notoriously dangerous and often responsible for creating DIY nightmares.

Once Hippo Carpet Protector has been fitted, an adhesive layer holds the covering firmly in place and prevents any movement under foot.

Additionally the surface of the protector is low slip. So you can confidently get on with what you’re doing, without worrying about your feet.

Water Based Adhesive

Can Be Used With All Types of Carpet

Some types of carpet protector from other manufacturers, can only be used on synthetic carpets.

Because of Hippo’s special water based adhesive, this product can be used on all types of carpet. Including those made from natural fibres, like wool.

Certified Fire Retardant

Meets Commercial Fire Regulations

This product is certified fire retardant and so it meets UK fire regulations. This means that in commercial buildings, this product can be left down overnight without invalidating insurance policies.

This is particularly useful on refurbishment projects, where parts of a building must remain open and operational.

Carry out commercial refurbishment projects for up to 30 days. Without the need to remove and relay carpet protection every day.

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