Hippo Dual Barrelled Gun
Hippo Dual Barrelled Gun


Strong Metal Applicator For Cartridges & Sausages

A powerful dual cartridge or foil sausage applicator gun thats suitable for use with all types of sealant and adhesive.

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This heavy duty applicator gun is constructed from strong metal parts which makes it ideal for use with any type of sealant and adhesive. It features a flow cut off switch and a hooked plunger that aids convenient placement while working at height.

You can use it to dispense products held in either 310ml or 380ml plastic cartridges. Additionally it can be used with 400ml (or smaller) foil sausages and includes 1x clear disposable nozzle.

Dual Barrel Applicator

Get precise application of all popular sealant & adhesive dispensing methods and sizes. This gun will accept 400ml foil sausages as well as 310ml and 380ml plastic cartridges.

Key Features

Heavy Duty metal parts

Flow release switch

Ergonomic handle

Easy to use with no mess

Additional information

Weight 0.487 kg
Dimensions 4.7 × 6.7 × 23.0 cm
Adhesive & Sealant Type


310ml Cartridges; 380ml Cartridges; 400ml Foil Sausages


Tembé DIY & Building Products Limited


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