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Well known by professionals as the ultimate grab adhesive. Hippo PRO1 works straight from the tube for bonding virtually any type of heavy item. It can be used in any location and even all kinds of weather. Its mighty bonding power is so good, you’ll even be able to use it to replace the need for mechanical fixings.

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The Ultimate Grab Adhesive

This product delivers a level of immediate grab strength that's typically double that of most others, which eliminates the need for the expense of time consuming supports.

Incredible Performance

Amazingly Hippo PRO1 works in the wet and will even dry when left underwater. So you can use it in some of the most challenging environmental conditions imaginable.

Key Features

Will not stain materials or corrode metals

Special pre-cut optimum bead nozzle

Replaces mechanical fixings & dries quickly

Resistant to weather, extreme temperatures, mould & chemicals

Can be painted

Does not contain solvents, isocyanates or phthalates

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Stick Virtually Anything To Anything

Compatible With Common Building Materials

Hippo PRO1 is non-staining which means that it won’t stain or discolour the surface that it’s adhered to. So, unlike other types of adhesive and sealant, you can use PRO1 safely in conjunction with premium, finished materials like natural stone.

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Additionally, Hippo PRO1 is neutral curing and non-corrosive, so it will not attack metal surfaces. This means that you can use PRO1 with corrosion-sensitive materials like copper, brass, silver, etc. As well as around electrical equipment.

Fast Drying Time

Delivers Incredible Bonding Power In Minutes

At room temperature Hippo PRO1 becomes touch dry from just 15 minutes. This makes it ideal for getting jobs done quickly when speed matters. 

We wanted to test the speed and power of Hippo PRO1. So to find out just how good it is, using PRO1 we stuck 6 building blocks on top of each other. The blocks had a combined weight of more than 90kg. Then after waiting just 30 minutes we were able to lift the entire set of blocks off the ground by just holding the top block!

Very Low Pick-ability

Perfect For High Security Areas

Thanks to its high indentation resistance, once it’s dry Hippo PRO1 can not be finger picked or removed by hand.

This makes PRO1 ideal for bonding and gap filling around important fixtures that are located in secure places like banks or prisons.

Class Leading Durability

Delivers Results That Will Last

In addition to being waterproof Hippo PRO1 is resistant to UV light, extreme variations in temperature, mould growth and chemicals. This makes it ideal for long term outdoor use as well as making quick repairs.

Withstands prolonged exposure to a range of temperatures between -40ᴼC and +90ᴼC without a loss of performance.
Excellent long term resistance to common chemicals. Including commercial / house hold cleaners, swimming pool treatments like chlorine, petrol, oils, grease and diluted acids.

Ultimate Adhesive Grab Strength

Replaces Mechanical Fixings

You can quickly bond heavy items with Hippo PRO1 thanks to it’s astonishing instant grab strength. This makes it ideal for fixing materials that are difficult to drill. You can use it straight from the tube without the need for any additional fixings.

Quickly install heavy façade panels without supports and with no slipping
Fitting panels and elements during ceiling construction.
Use as a general replacement for nails, screws and mechanical fixings.

Better For The Environment

Made from aluminium foil, ECO-PAC sausages are better for the environment because they contain less than 1% plastic and produce 96% less waste.

Better Value For Money

ECO-PACs are also better for your pocket because they go further, which means that when you use them, you’ll save money. You get 38% more product (400ml) in an ECO-PAC compared to a standard plastic cartridge (290ml).
Testing Standard Results
Skin Formation: At 23 °C & 50 °C RH 15 mins
Curing: 2,5 – 3mm / 24 hours
Density: 1,64 g/ml
Shore A Hardness: ISO 868 – 3 Seconds 65
Joint Movement Capacity: ISO 11600 20%
Modulus: 100% elongation – ISO 8339 1,70 N/mm²
Elongation at Break: ISO 8339 160%
Shearing Strength: ISO 8339 Initial: 25 g/cm² | 4 Hours: 8 kg/cm²

After 1 week: 29 kg/cm²

Tensile Strength: Initial: 600 g/cm² | 4 Hours: 11 kg/cm²

After 1 week: 24 kg/cm²

Chemical Resistance: Excellent
Paint Compatibility: Water & Solvent Based

Low VOC Emissions

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) are a group of chemicals which evaporate easily at room temperature. All Hippo PRO products have the lowest possible rating.

Independently Tested

Tested and certified for low emissions by GEV. Approved for architectural specification in green building projects.

Hippo PRO1 The Ultimate Grab Adhesive
Hippo PRO2 The Ultimate Sealant
Hippo PRO3 The Ultimate Utility Tool
Adhesive Grab Strength
Ultimate Strength
High Strength
Very High Strength
Sealant Flexibility
Not Applicable
Bathroom Sealant Abilities
Not Applicable
Mould Resistant
Mould Resistant
Kitchen Sealant Abilities
Not Applicable
Sealant CE Markings
Not Applicable
EN15651-1:2012 Type F EXT-INT
EN15651-3:2012 Type S
EN15651-4:2012 Type PW EXT-INT
EN15651-1:2012 Type F EXT-INT
EN15651-3:2012 Type S
Wide Gap Filler Ability
Drying Time
Shore A Hardness
Medium Soft

Shore A Hardness

Shore hardness is a measure of the resistance a material like rubber or plastic has to indentation. There are different scales for measuring this resistance, for softer materials like rubber and sealants the scale used is known as Shore A.

So that you can compare the values shown on the Shore A scale with different materials. As a guideline, the value for a soft rubber band is approximately 20. A car tyre is around 70 and a plastic safety helmet is more than 100.

Shore A Scale

Less Than 5 | Extra Soft

5 to 29 | Soft

30 to 59 | Medium Soft

60 to 70 | Medium Hard

80 to 100 | Hard

Hippo PRO Compatible Materials

Hippo PRO products are highly compatible with all common building materials. Additionally, unlike other types of sealant and adhesive products, they won't attack synthetic materials like polystyrene. Below is a list containing just of some of the most well known materials that you can use Hippo PRO1, PRO2 or PRO3 with.
Aqua Panels
Carbon Fibre
Carbon Steel
Fibre Glass
Gypsum Board
Marmox Boards
Natural Stone
Plaster Board
Plastics* (Test first)

Additional information

Weight 0.487 kg
Dimensions 4.7 × 6.7 × 23.0 cm
Product Type

Finish Colour

Dispensing Method

310ml Cartridge, 400ml Sausage

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