Hippo General Purpose Silicone Sealant


A general purpose silicone sealant, this adheres to a wide range of porous and non-porous surfaces. Suitable for general sealing and weatherproofing of all types of internal and external joints across a wide range of materials. It’s especially recommended for corrosion sensitive materials where acid curing types of sealants cannot be used.

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Excellent Weatherproofing

This product has all the credentials to deliver long term weatherproofing. Including high resistance to ageing, UV radiation and extreme temperatures between -50ᴼC and +150ᴼC

Excellent Compatibility

This neutral (oxime method) curing silicone is compatible with a wide range of materials. Use it in conjunction with sensitive materials like metals, where acetoxy curing silicones can cause corrosion.

Key Features

Very easy to apply

Low odour

Will not corrode metals

Permanent elasticity

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Compatible With All Common Building Materials

Neutral Curing

This is a neutral “oxime” curing silicone sealant, as opposed to acetoxy curing. Which means that it’s compatible with many more types of material because there are no acids involved.

This makes it ideal for use on projects where corrosion sensitive materials are being used, like chrome, copper or steel.

Ideal for general sealing of glass to metal. Joints in ducts, cement surfaces and metal pipes


High Resistance To Ageing

With good adhesion to a wide range of building materials, this sealant cures into a tough flexible rubber.

Excellent resistance to UV radiation and prolonged exposure to temperatures as low as -40ᴼC and up to +150ᴼC, make this an ideal product for all kinds of weather proofing projects.

Ideal for general glazing projects and weather sealing, especially in curtain walls and building facades.

Low Odour

No Acidic “vinegar” Smell

Unlike acid curing types of silicone sealants, which give off a strong vinegar like smell during their drying period. This is a low odour product which makes it ideal for use where curing odour may be objectionable.

Technical Data

Testing Standard Results
Skin Formation: At 23 °C & 50 °C RH 25 mins
Curing: At 23 °C & 50 °C RH 2,5 – 3mm / 24 hours
Shore A Hardness: ISO 868 – 3 Seconds 22
Joint Movement Capacity: ISO 11600 +/- 25%
Modulus: 100% elongation – ISO 8339 Low: 0,38 N/mm²
Elongation at Break: ISO 8339 280%
Elastic Recovery: ISO 7389 >90%
Paint Compatibility: Can not be painted

Better For The Environment

Made from aluminium foil, ECO-PAC sausages are better for the environment because they contain less than 1% plastic and produce 96% less waste.

Better Value For Money

ECO-PACs are also better for your pocket because they go further, which means that when you use them, you’ll save money. You get 38% more product (400ml) in an ECO-PAC compared to a standard plastic cartridge (290ml).

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Additional information

Weight 0.487 kg
Dimensions 4.7 × 6.7 × 23.0 cm
Product Type

Finish Colour

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Dispensing Method

310ml Cartridge, 400ml Sausage

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310ml Cartridge | 400ml Sausage
Translucent (Cloudy)
310ml Cartridge | 400ml Sausage
310ml Cartridge
310ml Cartridge

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