Hippo Sanitary Silicone Sealant


A fast drying silicone sealant with a powerful anti-mould compound to prevent fungal growth. This is ideal for sealing areas with high humidity and condensation like bathrooms, showers and wet rooms. Also ideal for sealing around tap fittings, worktops, ceramic tiles and laminates. As well as fixing PVCu trims and panels.

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Anti Mould

This product contains a powerful fungicide which helps to prevent ugly black mould growth. Which means that it's perfect for use in humid areas like bathrooms, showers and wet rooms.

Will Not Discolour

This sealant won’t stain, blacken or yellow. Choose between Brilliant White or Translucent to keep your bathroom or kitchen looking fresh and clean for life.

Key Features

Very easy to apply

Fast drying

Gloss finish

Permanent elasticity

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Fast Drying Time

Acetoxy Curing

This is an acetoxy curing silicone sealant. These types of sealants derive their name because they release acetic acid when they dry. One benefit is that they have a fast drying time compared to other types of silicone sealant. They also tend to adhere better to different surfaces.

For sanitary applications on materials that may be sensitive to acetic acid like chrome, copper or steel. We recommend that you use a neutral curing product like Hippo PRO2 Sealant & Adhesive

Compatible with the majority of normal building materials including glass, plastics and ceramic tiles.

Actively Prevents Mould Growth

Anti-Mould Formula

The powerful protection built into this product repels, kills and prevents mould. This helps ensure that showers, bathrooms & kitchens remain in pristine condition with no ugly black staining.

Ideal for bathrooms, kitchen splash-backs and counter top sealing.

Glossy Stay White Finish

Your Whites Stay White

Once it’s dry this product has a high gloss finish. With a high resistance to ageing, low and high temperatures and ultra violet light, it will not discolour.

Technical Data

Testing Standard Results
Skin Formation: At 23 °C & 50 °C RH 17 mins
Curing: At 23 °C & 50 °C RH 1 – 2mm / 24 hours
Shore A Hardness: ISO 868 – 3 Seconds 14
Joint Movement Capacity: ISO 11600 +/- 20%
Modulus: 100% elongation – ISO 8339 0,34 N/mm²
Elongation at Break: ISO 8339 130%
Elastic Recovery: ISO 7389 >90%
Paint Compatibility: Can not be painted

Better For The Environment

Made from aluminium foil, ECO-PAC sausages are better for the environment because they contain less than 1% plastic and produce 96% less waste.

Better Value For Money

ECO-PACs are also better for your pocket because they go further, which means that when you use them, you’ll save money. You get 38% more product (400ml) in an ECO-PAC compared to a standard plastic cartridge (290ml).

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Additional information

Weight 0.487 kg
Dimensions 4.7 × 6.7 × 23.0 cm
Product Type

Finish Colour


Dispensing Method

310ml Cartridge, 400ml Sausage

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