High Performance Wood Filler For Fast Drying Interior and Exterior Repairs

Strong and durable 2 part wood filler for making quick drying repairs. Suitable for use on all kinds of indoor or outdoor wood, as well metal and stone work.

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This high performance 2-part wood filler is suitable for repairing all kinds of wood. As well metal and stone work.

You can use it to fill holes and cracks, located anywhere, to any depth. And once its dry (from just 30 minutes) it can be shaped, sanded, drilled, screwed, painted or stained.


Make Quick Durable Repairs

This product dries using a chemical reaction provided by an included hardener component. Because of this your filling job can be finished quickly. Leaving behind a long lasting repair thats resilient against all kinds of outdoor weather.

Both components are ready mixed. So to prepare, you simply just add a small amount of hardener and mix into a smooth paste, using the provided spatula.


2-Part Wood Filler That Goes Further

This is classified as a low density filler and is manufactured using a special vacuum process to produce a smooth, more economical paste. This process helps make it go up to 18% further than some other brands. Because you can fill more volume from the same equivalent weight.


Key Features
  • Interior & exterior use
  • Fill to any depth
  • Rapid setting
  • Easy to Sand
  • Can be painted or stained
  • Won’t shrink or crack
  • Does not contain Styrene

Additional information

Pack Size

250ml Tin, 500ml Tin, 1.0kg Tin, 2.1kg Tin

Filler Type


Location Suitability


Application Depth

Fill to any depth

Open Working Time

Approximately 10 minutes

Setting Time

Approximately 30 minutes

Filler Finish Colour

, ,

Service Temperature

-20ᴼC to +100ᴼC


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