Fine White Powdered Interior Filler

An all purpose filler with a moderate open working time thats suitable for use on most general indoor filing jobs.

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This fine powdered filler for walls contains plaster, calcium carbonate, resins and cellulose fibres and special additives. So it produces a smooth, white paste when mixed with water.


Easily Fill Interior Walls and Ceilings

With a moderate open working time, this is an easy to use product for general, interior repairs and filling jobs on gaps and cracks. You can it on all types of wall and ceiling including painted surfaces, old and new gypsum plaster, plasterboards, plaster blocks, brickwork, cement, concrete, aerated concrete and concrete blocks.

Classic filler dries white, is easy to sand once dry and can be over-coated with any conventional paint or wallpaper.


Top Benefits
  • Available in packs that contain individual 1kg bags for small batch mixing.
  • Easy to mix with water.
  • Adheres to painted surfaces.
  • Easy to sand.
  • Will not shrink.
  • Crack resistant.
  • Can be painted from 12 hours.
  • Will not flash or grin through paint.

Additional information

Pack Size

2.0kg Box, 5.0kg Bag

Filler Type

Location Suitability

Application Depth

Up to 2cm in one coat

Setting Time

Starts after 50 minutes and subsequently ends in about 1 hour

Drying Time

Approximately 6 hours per 1cm depth


7 – Neutral

Filler Finish Colour

Bulk Saving Option


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