Fast Drying Internal Gap Filler

Low cost decorators caulk for quickly filling indoor gaps and cracks prior to painting. ideal for use on low-movement joints like window frames and skirting boards.

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Quickly fill gaps and joints prior to painting with this high quality decorators caulk from Filltite. This product is ideal for filling internal gaps and low-movement joints around fixtures and fittings like window frames, stair cases and skirting boards.


What is Decorators Caulk?

One of the most widely used sundries in a professional decorators tool kit, using caulk is an economical way to achieve a great finish. This is because its inexpensive, easy to use and can quickly be covered with most types of paint. They’re great for filling gaps where substrates meet or for quickly repairing surface defects. Additionally they provide reasonable levels of flexibility to help prevent future cracking.


Paint in Just One Hour

Fill & Finish Decorators caulk can be over painted in about 1 hour with most types of paint. It can also be covered with wallpaper once dry. However please note that whilst this product remains flexible, paint surfaces may still crack under excessive movement. Especially if covered with poor quality paint.


Key Features
  • Easy to use.
  • Solvent free.
  • No sanding required.
  • Can be painted.

Additional information

Filler Type


Dispensing Method

380ml Cartridge, 400ml Sausage

Location Suitability

Drying Time

Skins in approx 40 minutes (tack free from 15 minutes). Fully cures in 3 to 5 days dependent on bead thickness and ambient conditions.

Filler Finish Colour


Shore A Hardness

Approximately 50

Joint Movement Capacity

Low (+/- 5%)

Temperature Resistance

-15ᴼC to +75ᴼC

Bulk Saving Option



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