Filltite Premier Ergonomic Face Mask FFP1-RD


For outstanding comfort and performance this disposable FFP1 face mask combines high quality materials with great ergonomic design.
It protects against a wide range of respiratory hazards for extended periods of use. And it features an exhalation valve for easy breathing.

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Outstanding Comfort & Performance

Thanks to its well designed frame that adapts to the contours of your face. With this mask you'll get comfortable, trouble free respiratory protection for long time periods.

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CE Tested & Certified

Finished by hand to a high standard, this mask is has been tested and is certified to conform with European standards


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Key Features

Fitted exhalation valve

Extra large breathing space

Suitable for use with glasses

Fully adjustable

Can be used more than once

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Ergonomic Design

Actively Adapts To Your Face

A face mask must create a good seal between its self and your face to be effective at filtering pollutants. When you wear a Premier Mask the flexible shell and nose cone adjust to accommodate facial movements. This helps to maximise protection by maintaining an air tight seal.

Can Be Used With Eye Wear

Wearing eyewear and safety goggles with Premier face masks is trouble free. Enough room for all styles of eyewear is provided by the low profile nose cone. And the fitted exhalation valve helps to reduce the risk of fogging.

Fully Adjustable

Straight from the box a Premier mask fits a wide range of adult face shapes and sizes. Anyone can achieve a safe, comfortable fitting. This is possible thanks to the four widely spaced mounting points and adjustable ear straps.

Colour Coded

Different colours are used to denote the level of a Premier masks EN149 measured protection. So the colours of a masks strap and valve denotes which standard it meets. The blue marking on this mask mean that it represents the FFP1 standard, green for FFP2 and yellow for FFP3.

Cool Dry Comfort

Sculpted Elastomer Shell With Fitted Valve

When you wear a face mask it’s important to pick one that you can wear comfortably for the entire period of your hazard exposure. Premier face masks bring outstanding comfort, thanks to their sculpted elastomer shells and fitted exhalation valves.

Large Breathing Space

It’s easy to maintain a normal breathing pattern while working with Premier mask. This is because the sculpted elastomer shell creates a much larger internal space than other more basic mask products. So there is far less resistance when breathing.

Fitted Valve

You’ll have a cooler and more comfortable wearing experience with a Premier face mask. This is because the exhalation valve prevents internal heat and moisture build up from exhaled air.

High Quality Materials

Non-Sensitive Seal

This mask is made in Europe with high quality parts and is finished by hand to a very high standard.

Non-Sensitive Seal

A special elastic polymer is used for the material that forms the seal between your face and the mask. This provides the same flexibility benefits of rubber, but without the associated risk of irritation.

Can Be Reused

This mask is classified with the “RD” suffix, which means that it has been approved to be worn more than once. So, even though it is ultimately meant to be thrown away, this mask can conveniently be stored and reused.

Filltite Premier Mask FFP1 Protection

This face mask offers respiratory protection against hazards that include the materials shown in the list below.
Ferrous metals
Glass & wool fibres
Paint fumes
Vegetable & mineral oils
Wood Cellulose

Global Disposable Half Mask Standards

Disposable half masks are designed to filter small particles from the air that are 0.3 microns in diameter or larger. Different mask filters have varying capacities for removing a percentage* of these particles.

The table below shows the main standards used globally to measure these kinds of mask. You can see how they compare along with the performance level that each type of mask must achieve to meet each standard.

European EN149 Standard Name European EN143 Standard Name USA Standard Name Chinese Standard Name Filter Capacity*
FFP1 P1 - - At Least 80.00%
FFP2 P2 - - At Least 94.00%
- - N95 KN95 At Least 95.00%
FFP3 - N99 KN99 At Least 99.00%
- P3 - - At Least 99.95%
- - N100 KN100 At Least 99.97%

Additional information

Weight 0.252 kg
Dimensions 16.0 × 19.5 × 23.5 cm
Product Type

Pack Size

Pack of 5, Pack of 2



Age Group


Face Mask Filter Rating


Protection Level

4.5x LTEL (Long Term Exposure Limit in an 8 hour period)

Repeated Use


Maximum Use Time

16 Hours

CE Standard

EN 149:2001+A1:2009

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