Noun: toh-tal-i-tee
Something that constitutes the total amount.

We’re passionnate about
excellent products and brands

We’re an independent British retailer, with a passion for excellent products and brands.

Unfortunately we can’t offer you a famous old origin story or wax lyrical with an account of how The Totality Store was started in the nineteenth century.

By contrast we simply want our customers to get the whole picture about the products we sell. We want you to love them as much as we do. This is why our primary mission is to simply share detailed information, help you to get the most from our range, and offer everything at fair and reasonable prices.

Basically we offer the kind of honest shopping principals that are so often difficult to find elsewhere.

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Using top quality raw materials, Filltite produce outstanding fillers and equipment for professional decorators.
A family owned brand established in 2004 who make high performance adhesive, sealant and cleaning products.
The Good Business Charter

Accredited Responsible Business

As an accredited member of the the Good Business Charter, we’re committed to working in an ethical and thoughtful way. Pounding suppliers, squeezing employees or ripping off customers is not our way. In fact we’re the opposite, because our philosophy is to consider community first, buy ethically, add value, and sell products at a fair price.

Climate Positive Company

We Carefully Manage Our Footprint

We’re committed to offering products that bring the least possible impact to the planet and we compensate our carbon footprint. So we’ve partnered with Ecologi who invest our financial contributions in special projects that remove greenhouse gasses.