Theres No Famous Origin Story

Unfortunately you won’t find a famous old origin story here. So we can’t offer a lingering account about how The Totality Store was started in the nineteenth century. And we certainly can’t wax lyrical about how the business grew by selling strange curiosities from a shop hosted on an old wheelbarrow, in an authentic London market!

Put simply, we’re an independent British retailer, with a passion for excellent products and brands. We want our customers to get the whole picture about those products. So our primary mission is to share the story behind what we’re selling. And to build a range of trustworthy products, with a pedigree.


Guided By Detailed Information

We want you to love our products as much as we do. So we endeavour to offer reliable guidance by sharing quality, detailed information about what they’re all about. Our aim is to help you to get the most from your purchases and for you to enjoy the results. Basically the kind of ethos that’s often hard to find elsewhere.

We’re committed to working in an ethically responsible and thoughtful way. Screwing over somebody: pounding suppliers, squeezing employees or ripping off customers is not our way. We’re the opposite because we consider community first. So we’re developing our business around a simple philosophy; which is to buy stuff ethically, add value and sell products at a fair price.

Shop With Us

100% British Business

We’re based in England and pay all our taxes here, so when you buy from us you’re directly investing in the economy of the United Kingdom.

100% Independent

Providing an unbiased opinion matters. So, whilst we might be chained to our bank, we’ll only share product opinions that we consider to be free thinking, balanced and honest.

100% Curated Range

We love our work and want you to love our products. So we throughly vet everything we sell to make sure products are worth your time and deliver on their promises.

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