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This is a high strength wood adhesive that creates waterproof bonds and expands to fill uneven gaps. Therefore it’s ideal for high performance use on all indoor and outdoor joinery projects.

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More About This Product

Powerful Polyurethane D4 Wood Adhesive

A high strength wood glue from Hippo which has a polyurethane-based formulation. This provides it with the capability to bond uneven surfaces and create 100% waterproof joints in wood. As a result this universal wood adhesive is an ideal choice for bonding any kind of wood in any location.

You can work quickly and efficiently with this product, thanks to a short open working time and low foaming expansion*. For this reason it’s great for bonding imperfect pieces of wood and creating 100% waterproof joints.

This powerful wood adhesive is certified to meet the European standard of D4 for wood glue durability. So it is suitable for use on woodworking projects that will be placed in areas where there is frequent long term exposure to running or condensed water, as well as heavy exposure to high humidity.

Glue Wood to Other Materials

This product can also be used to join wood with other materials. For example you can use it to stick wood to things like concrete, plaster, brickwork, metals, polystyrene, PVC, and glass reinforced plastic.


Key Features
  • Easy to squeeze bottle with cap
  • Fast setting in 5 minutes
  • High bond strength
  • Interior & exterior Use
  • D4 Waterproof – meets EN 204
  • Can be sanded
  • Can be painted to finish


*We recommend that your components should always be temporarily clamped together while this product dries.

Location Suitability

, ,

Type of Dispenser


EN 204 Classification

D4 Waterproof


Tembé DIY & Building Products Limited


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