This top of the line precision sash brush is hand made using 100% pure bristle and copper ferrules, plus it’s available in different sizes to match your exact requirements.

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More About This Product

Class Leading Precision Sash Brushes

This La Siréne precision sash brush by Theard is hand made using pure bristle. It features soft tapered brush heads, each of which is firmly held in place by a long lasting copper ferrule, special bracing string and strong glue.

The brush head and ferrule is meticulously assembled and balanced at the end of a long wooden handle, which is protected by varnish. These combine to produce a top quality sash brush, capable of creating beautifully painted surfaces. Consequently using this brush helps make painting effortless and producing flawless paint finishes very satisfying.

Sash Brush Made From 100% Bristle.

Most notably the first rate components of this brush include soft fibres made from 100% bristle. Because of this we think you’ll appreciate the exceptional finishes that are possible when using it to apply gloss paints. On top of that it is also suitable for use with all other types of paint and varnish.


Key Features
  • Suitable for all types of paint & varnish
  • 100% bristle delivers exceptional results with gloss finishes
  • Made and shaped by hand
  • Fitted heads maintain even distribution and shape
  • Extra adhesive layer and string for no bristle loss
  • Long round handles
  • Durable copper ferrules

5/0, 3/0, 0, 2, 4, 6, 8

Handle Type

Round rattail

Handle Material

Varnished responsibly sourced wood

Brush Material

100% bristle

Brush Head Adjustment





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