This concentrated exterior grade PVA adhesive has many uses. You can use it to bond common building materials, water proof dusty porous surfaces, or as a bonding agent for other products like cement and gypsum plaster.

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More About This Product

Waterproof Universal Adhesive, Primer & Bonding Agent

Hippo waterproof PVA adhesive is a highly concentrated bonding and priming aid with many different uses. In short it can be used to assist and improve the results of many common building and DIY tasks.

Thanks to its exterior grade formula, you can depend on this high performance product for jobs located inside or outside. It will bond most common building materials where at least one surface is porous and you can use it to prime unsound surfaces or create a waterproof seal on flaking walls.

D3 PVA Wood Adhesive

Additionally you can use this product to bond wood. And once completely dry, each joint will be resistant to frequent exposure to water, moisture and high humidity.

Furthermore, when used as a waterproofing ad-mixture, this PVA will improve the bond quality of things like cement and gypsum plaster.


Key Features
  • Dilutes up to 5:1
  • Waterproof formula for interior and exterior use
  • Works with 3rd party products.
  • Certified gypsum plaster compliant – complies with BS5270.
  • Improves material flexibility.
  • Suitable for wood working: D3 water resistant – meets EN 204
Location Suitability


Type of Dispenser

Packaging Contents

5.0 Litre

EN 204 Classification

D3 Water Resistant


Tembé DIY & Building Products Limited


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